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Brand strategy

Find out how to provide more value and turn your customers into brand evangelists.


Get the right message to the right people. 

Client Research

Deep dive into your current and potential clients, their wants and needs. 


You can’t always go to your customers, so make them come to you.

About me

I help small business owners find their brand voice and put their products in front of the right audience.

My name is Atanas Dzhingarov (I know it’s a mouthful, so you can call me Nasko) and I’m what you might call a triple threat

– I’m strategist;
– I’m a writer;
– I’m a photographer.

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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Many small (and even mid-sized) businesses don’t have a brand strategy. This often leads to plateaus and stagnation. Here’s how we can fix this.



Even the best strategy is useless if it’s not implemented well. This is where copywriting comes in. We’ll make sure your audience gets the right message.

Client Testimonials

I don’t need to toot my own horn. Here’s some happy people doing it for me: 

I have been working with Atanas for a short while and continue to be impressed by his commitment to be up front and honest and be conscious of delivering to client expectations. This was a complicated assignment that required analyzing others work and adapting his style to the existing work to complete a full written document. I look forward to working with Atanas again in the near future.

D. Webb, publisher

Atanas is a true professional, very communicative and punctual. He is also a great writer, so if you are looking for one, don’t hesitate to give him a try.

M. Kim, webmaster

Atanas did some editing work on an ebook that another writer had done for me, and as usual Atanas did a fantastic job! A great writer and very thorough researcher. I recommend him.

G. Crawford, publisher

“This guy’s awesome. I wanna hire him.”

Latest news from my blog

I tell stories about marketing, advertising, business, branding and more.

Veliko Tarnovo
One of the biggest fears of any small business owner is the customer going to the competition. So they're often tempted to drop prices. Especially when the client says, "So-and-so has this cheaper." Most businesses try to match "So-and-so's" price, while the correct answer is, "That's great. Then go buy them from So-and-so."
The Peter Principle
According to Dr. Peter, every position in a hierarchy will sooner or later be filled by someone incompetent for that position. Considering the current hiring and promotion practices all over the world, this should come as no surprise. Sadly, little has changed on that front over the past 50 years.
GPT-3 Writing AI
Here's the bad news - in case your job can be easily automated, you're down for the count. If your paycheck depends on churning out quantity and not quality, you're easily replaceable by an AI. After all, what you can do, AI can do faster, better, and cheaper. And since it's usually the lowest bidders that win in these scenarios, you're out. The moment potential employers find out they can "solve their content needs for a few bucks a month", no one will bother with you.

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